On The Way

Short Film, UK  coming soon

As Sam is driving to work like she does every day she runs into a Lee, a troubled young man. They get into an argument when Lee accuses her of trying to run him over. Sam pleads with him to understand she didnt do anything wrong, but he doesn’t want to listen to reason, and the situation escalates quickly with dramatic consequences for both of them.




  • Hannah Ponting
  • Alister Hawke



Director: Raluca Ionescu

Producers: Colin J Hughes & Raluca Ionescu

Cinematographer: Andrei Pacuraru

First AC: Justin Wood

Make Up Artist: Aimee Bogdanovic

First Assistant Director: Oscar Walkley-Brown

Sound Recordists: Ryan Millar & Roger Cutting

Editor: Colin J Hughes

Sunrise, Not Sunset

Short Film, 13 min, UK

An elderly Jewish couple are heartbroken when the council allocates them to separate care homes until their daughter hits upon the Human Rights Act as the means to bring them back together.


Official Selection Sacramento Jewish Film Festival 2021

Official Selection UK Jewish Film Festival 2020


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  • Alfred Hoffman
  • Leila Hoffman
  • Julie Binysh
  • Gunce Ates
  • Martin Edwards
  • Nenda Neurer



Producer: Raluca Ionescu

Director: Paul Morrison

Writer: Debora Singer

Director of Photography: Beatriz Sastre

Editor: Joel Morrison


Short Film, 6 min, UK

A young man who never met his grandfather imagines what the old man would be like and what happened to him after he left his family for good.



Producer: Raluca Ionescu

Writer: Rob Hartnett

Producer: Raluca Ionescu

The Schoolboy

Short Film, 20 min, UK

Claire, a former teacher is haunted by her memories of a mysterious event that happened a year ago. In order to come to terms with her past, she decides to return to the place where her sense of guilt originates from: School.



Producers: Raluca Ionescu &

Katelyn Connerty

Writer & Director: Paloma Lommel

Production Designer: Melanie Livermore

Director of Photography: Laura Gallop

Editor: Liam McEvoy


Short Film, 12 min, UK

An elderly man sets off on a journey to find his first love and apologize for past mistakes but discovers the love he is looking for is right in front of him all along.


Best Film Nominee

The Back in the Box Competition in California


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  • Tony Parkin
  • Ed Allenby
  • Joan Walker



Writer & Director: Raluca Ionescu

Producer: Raluca Ionescu

Director of Photography: Ben Calloway

Composer: Barbara de Biasi

Production Designer: Lenny Marignier

Costume Designer: Jessica Sykes

Editor: Åsmund Berge Jenssen

Way of Life

Short Film, 9 min, UK

When his wife is out of town for work, Julian sees it as the perfect opportunity to have his girlfriend over, but things don’t go as planned and as his wife returns home early, he is left with no choice but to admit the affair and face the consequences.



  • Ana Udroiu
  • Bogdan Fanariu
  • Jenna Thorne



Directed by: Raluca Ionescu &

Robin Latour

Writer: Robin Latour

Producer: Raluca Ionescu

Director of Photography: Andrei Stan

Editor: Fredrik Magnusson

Half Tone

Short Film, 12 min, UK

Cathy, a shy young woman starts to discover the world when she meets a charming man who makes her laugh. As she begins to trust him, her past reminds her there are some mistakes that cant be forgiven.


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  • Victoria Oliver
  • Shaun Oxenham
  • Janine Ulfane
  • Amira Whitaker
  • Emma Johnston



Writer & Director: Raluca Ionescu

Producer: Raluca Ionescu

Director of Photography:

Barbara van Schaik

Composer: Barbara de Biasi

Casting Director: Jeremy Goldthorp

Editor: Fredrik Magnusson