Little America

Documentary, 60min, UK

London’s Grosvenor Square has been America’s home in the UK for over 200 years. As the US prepares to move its emblematic Embassy from the Square to a new building “south of the river”, we take an inside look at the UK-US “Special Relationship” and the events and stories that are being left behind. This is living history – the history of the people and the place that came to be known as Little America.


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  • Tony Blair
  • Jon Snow – Channel 4 News
  • Jack Straw
  • Lord William Hague
  • Lord George Robertson
  • Lady Ruth Rogers
  • Justin Webb – BBC Radio 4
  • Con Coughlin – The Daily Telegraph



Producer & Director: Raluca Ionescu

Narrated by: Caroline Wyatt

Director of Photography: Beatriz Sastre

Editor: Colin J Hughes

Sound Recordist: Jon Newell

Composer: Paul Farrer

Make Up Artist: Charlotte Ambrose

Executive Producers: Steve Pinhay & Deborah MacLean

Line Producer: Guy Horlock

Post Production: Met Film Post

Time Flies

Documentary Short, 20min, UK

Two days in the life of a family of Romanian immigrants who moved to London in search of a better life. Here they have to share a house with other Romanians workers and to adapt to a totally different culture in which they will always feel as outsiders. At the same time their relationships are tested, when each of them struggles with the difficulties of life away from home.



Producer & Director: Raluca Ionescu

Composer: Barbara de Biasi